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SNK CONSULTING, PC was created to partner with clients on their financial journey through life. Founded by Kevin Ness, the firm was established in 2012 in West Linn, Oregon to provide clients access to traditional accounting services coupled with our concierge accounting services. Our West Linn accounting services are designed primarily from experience over the past two decades of working with accounting firms as a client while in the industries of finance, investment, real estate development, and construction. Our approach is tailored to our client’s needs, created to supplement existing resources, and scale to meet future requirements. SNK Business Advisors, Tax Services, and Accounting in West Linn, OR Call Us Button

Fundamental to the practice is our dedication to the client relationship and the partnership that develops over time. We appreciate our clients and enjoy participating in their success through our consulting practice and supporting them through our traditional services offered. Relationships are built on trust, which is earned overtime.

At SNK Consulting in West Linn, Oregon, we strive to provide more than just the fundamental accounting services, we work hard to help achieve your goals and meet expectations. We are always mindful of our client’s visions and providing personal attention, dedication, and diligence to accomplish their goals is what differentiates us from other CPA firms.

  • Kevin Ness, CPA, CGMA


    Kevin founded SNK Consulting, PC to focus on providing quality accounting services and financial advising to businesses, individuals, and families. After working in both public accounting and private industry for nearly twenty years of his professional career, Kevin wanted to direct his attention on what matters the most to him in his career, and that’s […]

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