In Today’s Business World, Focus On What You’re Good At And Outsource The Rest To The Experts!

SNK Consulting has accumulated a tailored financial services package to assist our clients with their overall financial needs and offload the burden of dealing with their financial aspects of their business. SNK Business Advisors, Tax Services, and Accounting in Portland OR Call Us Button Our solution is the Concierge Accounting Package which incorporates portions of our practice on a reoccurring monthly & quarterly basis. Think of it as having an accounting department staffed with professionals who understand your business and provide clear results without needing to manage them on a daily basis. The ultimate worry, cost and damage which can result by having undertrained staff performing the accounting function in your organization can be eliminated.

Core services offered in our Concierge Accounting Service Packages are:

  • Monthly Recording Keeping
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliations
  • Monthly / Quarterly Compiled Financial Statements
  • Quarterly Review of your compiled data by SNK Consulting Management
  • Annual Tax Return Prepared by SNK Consulting, PC
  • Tracking of Corporate Filings

Additional Add-on Services to Concierge Accounting Service Packages:

  • CFO Consulting
  • Business Development & Management Services
  • Specialized Tax Services